Our floorscrubbing equipment come in a range of models. They are fully patented design and are specifically designed to wash, scrub and dry all floors in a single pass.

Our customers can clean all types of floors such as carpets, timber, tiles, hard floors, vinyls and more, all with one machine.

They are manoeuvrable, easy to transport, allows bi-directional operationand most of all, easy to use. Our customers say they don’t know what they did before they purchased their floor scrubbing equipment.

Take a look at some of our floor scrubbing machines below and click on the “get a quote” button to get information on individual specifications, price and more.

Here are some of our floor scrubbering equipment' unique features:

  • Scrub, wash and dry all types of floors
  • 2-way handle for cleaning under low rise areas and furniture items such as tables, chairs and more
  • Cleans right to edges and from wall to wall
  • Dual water tank – easy emptying and refilling up without powering off the machine
  • Manual water control – control the amount of water you disperse on your floors
  • Manually agitates floor surfaces to get deep within the floor surfaces.

Our Floorscrubbing Machine Range

Duplex 280

Mini floor cleaner

Duplex Lithium

Duplex Lithium

Duplex 420

Duplex 420 standard floorscrubbing equipment

Duplex Steam

duplex steam scrubber

Types of Floors Our Floorscrubbers Can Clean




Sports Flooring





Profiled Ceramic

Profiled Ceramic Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring
Floor cleaning machine

About Floorscrubbing Equipment

Floorscrubbing Equipment provides quality floor machines to improve the hygiene and cleanliness in the flooring surfaces with the use of dry steam vapour that eliminates the hazards caused by the chemical usage and traditional conventional cleaners.

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